Who We Are

Creative Ecosystem

ZERO11ZERO is a company dedicated to the convergence of motion media, new media, artist development, music, publishing and creative strategy. Our integrated technology and media processes give us the privilege of creating endless possible stories that are congruent with the individual styles of our valued confederates. From featured to branded content, we develop each creative narrative to impact and connect with audiences. Our purpose? To create human solutions. We bring stories to life. We do cool stuff and we do it well.

Our Process

What we do

Each sector within the core provides essential aspects to our unique narrative development. Together we specialize in creating quality content through immersive storytelling techniques using cutting edge technology.
Iron Bay Films + Media

Iron Bay Films + Media is a full-service film and media production company that covers many types of media forms including films and branded commercial works. To date, our Iron Bay Films + Media division has produced two feature films and worked with celebrated clients such as TSN, Bell Media, Oxford Property Group, Metric, RBC, the PGA, IGN, and many more. Our high-performance division specializes in capturing and creating meaningful stories through immersive techniques. One of Iron Bay’s recent works “Never Say Die”, a short film about Jason Day, is proud to be nominated for an Emmy and won a CLIO.

nVoid Immersive Design

nVoid specializes in designing and developing technical systems, infrastructures, software and hardware solutions that ensure captivating experiences on new media platforms. Our immersive design team is considered one of the premiere interactive development groups in the world. nVoid works with leaders. Our clients try new things, take chances, and never look back. They include Nike, Tiffany & Co, Kanye West, The Burj Khalifa, TIFF, Cannes Lions, VISA, New Order, Kedrick Lamar, Philip Glass, Google, and Under Armour.

Frame Discreet

Our Frame Discreet specializes in frame by frame razor sharp film scanning and digital transfers using advanced colour correction and the rigorous eyes of our master cinematographers. We have purchased the first groundbreaking Lasergraphic 5K ScanStation film scanner in Canada and offer transfers of 8mm, 16mm & 35mm. Not only are we at the bleeding edge of technology, but our film passionate, creative transfer artists make our scans stand apart.


Modcan manufactures and distributes a wide variety of analogue synthesizer modules for sound artists. Our Modcan division offers basics such as Oscillators, Filters and VCA's to specialized waveform generation, sequencing and sound processing modules, offering modules in 3 different formats: A series, B series and Euro.

Team 2X (External Partner)

Team 2X is a group of talented stunt professionals that have integrated their expertise in martial arts into live performances, on-screen films and commercials. Team 2X have received tens of millions of views on their online videos, and their marketing tactics can be so extreme that they generate media attention in their own right. Core members of the team are frequently asked to stunt and choreograph Hollywood features including Jumper, Love Guru, Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Kick Ass, and The Mummy 3.

The Tell

The Tell is our headquarters held within the Gallery 44 building. The Tell is a space dedicated to storytelling, music, art, technology, and above all, community. The intimate and creative space hosts events, education, installations, and performances in a creative environment that can be captured, uploaded and shared. The space contains a unique and ever-evolving collection of art, interactive installations, design objects, books, and both modern and vintage instruments that guests are encouraged to try.

Making an impact

We have gathered some of the best directors, producers, digital experts and artists within our core divisions to develop unique storytelling techniques told from multiple captivating perspectives.